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Friday, July 5, 2013

Girls, Girls, Girls...


When we had these two little girls it struck me that I'd be forever smitten. What didn't occur to me was just how smitten I'd be. It's a painful, desperate kind of thing, you know, mixed with overwhelming joy and unrivaled pride and equal parts humility and just plain old regular awesomeness.

There could have been a million things that went wrong...bad first child influencing horrific second child...jealousy...indiscriminate violence...figure skating...but instead, and thank Jesus, Buddha, Malcolm X and Dick Vermeil, we got a brilliant (biased) and beautiful (c'mon, consensus) first child...a daughter, as I so desperately wished, and then a second, dare I say cuter than the first, daughter, as I hoped for, and now there is a figurative swimming pool of estrogen in my house and I get to backstroke in it all day, every day. Not that I wouldn't have loved a boy. Of course, I would have, but girls love their Dads (mostly) and I love these girls, and there isn't a goddamned figure skate in the house.

I win.


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