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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Limping Kind of Lucky...

We're beginning Day 3 of Knee-maggedon. Seemingly a summer tradition. Three days of ice, Ibuprofen and Tylenol...of cursing and overexerting, and another round of that same old reminder...most people don't give much of a $#!%. That's not a bitter, negative's just a fact. The world keeps spinning even if you can't pull on your own shorts. Summer plans change, or get put on think to yourself that there must be a reason for all this. There isn't. It just is. I can't even say that there aren't any other people that I know who have stumbled into so much painful nonsense in the last three years, because I'm sure there is. I'm not doing chemo, or having a by-pass, or dealing with diabetes or back surgery. They're just knees...but my God it's frustrating.

I guess there's lots of time to think, and blog, and read, and nap...lots of time.

Yesterday I started to build another paper mache pirate ship with Zoey...and it exhausted me...and made me swell, not with pride as much as knee fluid, there was lots of that. I started roughly sketching out another book for the girls, called "When a Girl Loves a Buoy"'s cute as sh!t. I sent away more correspondence to more schools with lacrosse programs for my "It Takes Balls" campaign...I did more work toward solidifying a girls lacrosse program for Zoey and her friends this Fall. I read some. I watched Fever Pitch, twice. I mostly had a good attitude.

I'd rather it just be regular old Camp Zed.

Then, in one of my more painful moments of the day...reminder, don't drive with your knee in an isolation brace...a wet eyed, holy sh!t this sucks part of the day -- not when the Lakers used their Amnesty Clause on Metta World Peace -- I held Maggie's hand to calm her as she fell asleep with giant crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks. As her cries turned to exhausted sighs I held her hand and watched her fall asleep.

Holding dads hand

I've got it pretty good...knee or no knee.


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