Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some People...


I'd like to know this guy. Cameron Lyle is exactly the kind of dude you want as a friend, or maybe as a neighbor, for sure as a bone marrow donor.  Cameron gave up the one thing he'd very likely been working at the hardest across the span of his entire life, his athletic career, for the chance to donate bone marrow and save a life.  Not too bad of a guy.

It's an inspiring story, for sure, but here's what else it inspires...just why are people like Cameron so rare?  It's not that there aren't millions of them across North America, but there are 330 million people, give or take a million or two, on this continent and we only hear about the smallest fraction of them ever doing anything so selfless.  Why?  It might be a more complicated answer than we're willing to admit, and it may not even be an accurate statement.  There are people doing wondrous things all over the continent every day, and so quietly that no one ever notices.

Some people just seem to "get it."  Some people, and we all know a few, just seem to understand what's important and what isn't...what is right versus what is just plain wrong, and give of themselves so endlessly as to astonish even those of us with the widest imaginations.

Do you know anyone so selfless?  If you do, tell us. We want to acknowledge them here.  It's not like we get a billion people stopping by, but there's more than you might imagine, and after reading about Cameron it strikes me that there are dozens of people all around us who might never be acknowledged as brave, or strong, or just plain more caring than your average joe.  It'll inspire us to hear about them, and you can never have enough Cameron Lyles in your life.


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