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Monday, May 13, 2013

Reading Yourself Into a Corner...

I woke up early and wanted to read...not a book, no, but something.  What?  I hadn't the slightest idea.  I flipped open the laptop and started cruising for something...the usual, then the every now and agains, but nothing.  I wanted to feel good.  I wanted to wake up slow and be pulled into the day, curious, digesting new information.  I wanted to find happy.  Instead I found, well, nothing.  In a sea of internets I found nothing.

The NY

The LA Times...nope.

Did I even want to read a newspaper?  Probably not.

I wanted to read a blog...or so I thought, but I just wasn't up for peering into someone else's life. No energy.

I found myself ready to quit, and then I decided, for some unknown reason, to complain about it here.  How is it possible to not find anything to quench my thirst for the literary equivalent of an attractive stranger's smile on the street? You know, meaningless but feels nice.  How could I not find that at 7am on a Monday?


I don't want to read about sports, the kind of work that I do, the world, parenting, travel, criticism, opinion, escapism, etc...looooong list of etc...

I want to be inspired on this Monday morning. And I want that inspiration to run deep, to be an investment.  I want it to take time.  That's the secret to this world you know, to everything...people want to feel inspired.  Manage that, and you're set.

I'm seeking some the human the the random and mundane...I want to be moved. That's all any of us ever really want, isn't it?  So I ask you, great morning emptiness...what's out there to inspire me?  This morning it's been difficult to find...near impossible.

I also find myself hoping that someone does something nice for me today.  Aside from those lovely girls here in my house, no one ever does anything overtly, shamelessly, and spontaneously nice for me. No one.  That'd make for a stellar Monday.

What say you great universe?  How 'bout some sugar?  I'll settle for something to read if you're too busy.  I'm easy.


Blogger Beth said...

For you and Zo:
Find City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.
Or anything Roald Dahl....Zoey will laugh out loud.

For you:
Have you read The Celestine Prophecy?

May 13, 2013 at 8:03 PM  

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