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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life on The Farm is Kinda Laid Back...

The Funky Farm's security team.

Our friend's Justin and Christine live on a farm just outside of town.  They were super kind enough to invite us out, along with our other good friends, Tara, Jai and Keely.  It's a funky farm indeed.  They just rent, and of course both Justin and Christine work for a living, and not on the farm, but if Christine had her way there'd be less mid-wifing and more farming.  It's totally her element.

Right now it's springtime on the farm and perfect for visiting.  It's like kid kryptonite, a farm.  To be perfectly honest, the grown ups dig it a lot too.

Farm Photo Panels 1
Tara, Jai and a new friend; Christine and Mags tickling some ivory; the bluest eyes in the world, Keely.

Ferah playing host to an excited Maggie and her first Spring farm visit.

Two smart girls having stupid fun.  Occasional besties, Ferah and Zoey have are pretty tight when they get the chance to hang out.

Farm Panels 2
Tara and Keely avec brown bunny; Mags leaning in for a better look; Ferah smouldering with a bunny.

Our Funky Farm friend, Christine, also manages a little midwifery when she's not ducking around. Both of our girls were appreciative of her primary choice in careers.

Duckling transportation expertise is a highly transferable skill.

As a Junior Proprietor, Ferah knows what she's doing around the place.  Hands dirty and imagination untethered.

Music a pretty integral part of the Funky Farm. It costs very little to plant and nothing to harvest.

It's a cool collection of funsters that gather for these impromptu visits and shenanigans.  A fun group of super brilliant kids with an abundance of happy, certainly enough to share.  Fera is home schooled and as precocious as they come. She gathers up friends like some kind of farm fed pied piper.  Both Jai and Keely are confident little Kiwis. They have passports prove it. With teachers as parents they don't miss a single beat.  They're wicked smart, and Jai is about the funnest kid ( it's my blog, I can use the word funnest) on the planet and Keely is in the running for the sweetest. Then, of course, there's our kids, and naturally we're a little biased, but Zo is as smart as they come, and a very kind and happy kid, and Mags is proving herself not much different.

I swear you'd be hard pressed to collect a group of children more audacious and bright than this one. Now take all that awesome and slap it down on a farm and you've got something serious to smile about.


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