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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day...Version 1.0

Mom and twins camping

She didn't know that she was having twins, then ten years later one of them goes and gets hit by a car and nearly croaks. She finds herself a single Mom, a chore and a half times ten.  Her boys fight, and ask her for things that she cannot possibly provide, then they worry her sick all through high school, but their friends are pretty good, so that eases her mind some.  From the ninth grade on the back door of her home is a never ending parade of fridge raiding buddies, strangers, and girlfriends.  Then one moves away, and the other starts backpacking around the planet and neglecting to call home as much as he should.  One brother changes careers almost as much as his twin changes colleges.  All throughout she patiently waits for them to find themselves, and they do, and she's proud of them...but not as proud as they are of her.

Thanks for everything Mom.  For someone who never knew how to juggle you juggled a lot.


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