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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Every Morning for the Rest of My Life...

Good Morning

The sun is shining, and I can feel the cool morning air slipping through the bedroom window, the kind of air that will surely be begging shorts by noon.  I got up to get ready for work, to shower, and shave, and swoon on my way out the door.

They returned to the room early this morning, a team, often taking on the night together, not always, but often.  I'll reach over and pull the covers back so that they can crawl in, and then draw them back over two of my three girls.  Zoey is very likely conked out cold still, her covers half askew.  I'll slip into her room before my shower and pull her blankets back over her.

This morning I couldn't slip out with snapping an awkward Photobooth shot with my well balance laptop.  I wish every morning for the rest of my life was like this.


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