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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Disgustingly Happy...and Different

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She gets a little slowpy when she's sick, and of course, being tired does not suit her, but aside from the obvious calamities that can befall a baby, she's impressively happy.  It strikes us how differently she's being raised so far...not vastly different from her sister, but differently, nonetheless...and how must even the slightest difference alter her personality, her learning and development, her perspectives.  It seems obvious that a recipe that's even the slightest bit different will taste the slightest bit different as well.

It's a strange thing to think of...strange terms to organize your thoughts with.  If we do "this" then perhaps "that" will happen, and what if we handle that in this way?  Everything will be different...everything.  We've got two different girls, very different.  I suspect that they won't even look like sisters, but the most noticeable difference might be their personalities.  Of course, time must play out to fully measure that assertion, but I can't imagine it not being so.   Naturally, there are many common traits, happiness being one of them, but even now, at this age, they seem so vastly different.

We see the uniqueness every day...Zo was deliberate and analytical, almost cautious.  Maggie is not.  Zed was clean...curious, but clean.  Maggie is not.  Zoey played strange with no one.  Maggie is something of a discerning customer when it comes to who she allows the privilege of her presence.  Different already, both of them.  That will either be the basis of their affection, or the source of their derision.  Different is good, unless, of course, you're sharing a room, then maybe not so much.  We'll find out much sooner than we're ready, I suspect.


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