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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cheers to New Friends...Really Cool Ones

Tara and Keely

Finding friends isn't as easy as it was when you were seventeen.  It takes more than just a bush party and a cooler full of beer.  We'd certainly welcome that old, easy, way of doing business, but reality reminds us that adult parent types don't usually meet at keggers.  They meet at libraries, and soccer practice, and other responsible-esque things.  That's how June met Tara, and now she and her clan of pseudo-kiwis are some of our favorite people on the planet.  We used to spend time with, well, no one. We're not from here, and would be harshly reminded of that on a pretty regular basis.  It's the kind of city that keeps it's high school allegiances and friendships, and we were from down river.  They were tough groups to crack, and then even if you could, neither June nor I was busy living a Sarnia life, and the rest were.  It was tough making friends.  We rounded up a few, and we're quite fond of them, but then we met Tara, and Bob, and Jai, and Keely, and we remembered what it was like to make new friends...real friends, that you like a lot, and don't grow weary of, and are eager to see, and agree with the things that fall out of their mouths etc...We've been spending a lot of time with that gang of Kiwi expats, so much that a guy forgets to blog.

Oh, it's not much of an excuse, but it'll have to do.  It's all I've got.

Send us your stories of new cities and new friends, and the oft cluster that it is to manage the whole shebang. It's exhausting, and often leaves you leaning on the old and worn thin, sometimes long gone.  That's no way to wander through the empty calendar days of your life.  I wish everyone could find a Tara and Bob.


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