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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ten Years in a Snap...

Zed and Dad smoochin'

Gramma hates black and white photos.  "It's all we ever had growing up," she complains.  She likes color.  Me, I like both.  Who doesn't like both?  Gramma, for one.  Sometimes a photo just works sans colour (see how I spelled that a la Canadiene?  A nod to the motherland).  It's not that we're trying to be fancy and artsy...nope.  We're just rollin' with what works.

It does look pretty wicked on occasion.

Mom and Mags - Detroit Zoo - April 2013

Flash back a decade.  June and I are living in London, spending all of our waking hours at the Boys and Girls Club, with Coop and Serree, and 'Dine...Benny, and Colin, and 'Telle...Holly, and Matty, Keith, and etc...We're regulars at Joe Kools.  We flitter off to California or Paris.  We haven't the faintest idea, and certainly don't look the part, that we'll be the proudest of parents one day soon.  We don't even discuss it.  There's no names whispered in quiet, imaginative thoughts about the future.  Really, there wasn't.  We lived almost entirely in the moment.

Six years later...Four years later...married.  Six years later...Zoey.  A full decade passed...Maggie.

It all seemed so simple and white...but the colour that the past ten years has painted our lives has been pretty brilliant.

Sometimes it's okay to print in black and white, especially when it sits in contrast with the vibrant colours of your every day.  I don't know where a decade went, or how you can be so good and lucky without so much as an ounce of effort or thought, but I try not to blink just in case it's all just a dream.


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