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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scooters and Powder Blue Arse Kickers...

Scooter time - April 2013

When the sun finally broke through the clouds this afternoon Zo was ready to go scootering, which means, without question, that Daddy wanted to go scootering.  She's a hard one to keep up with though, especially with a full year of scootering under her tiny little belt. These days she chooses to race little boys on bikes (and hand 'em their helmets), and do little sideways skids, stomping on the back brake and leaning into what amounts to be a future scab maker of a slide.  We're terribly proud.

We're also terribly proud of those giant flippers!  Sheesh.

Giant Scooter Kickers

Zed's got herself some new low top Air Force Ones in sweet powder blue and grey.  She rocks the park with them, and now scooter sessions too. Pretty soon she'll be down at the skate park hittin' the rails and jumps and generally wreaking havoc.  Those are a$$kicking shoes, that's what Daddy calls 'em...but only when Zed's not listening.


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