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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brian's 2013 Facebook Elimination Tourney

It's that time of year, and now that some of the bugs and kinks have been worked out of it, maybe we can actually start AND finish what is unfolding as The 2nd Annual Facebook Elimination Tournament, hosted by me, Idiot Mcgee.

It's a pretty simple concept.

Get a ridiculous idea.

Don't listen to reason.

Cull a few stragglers from your Facebook Friends list, rather unceremoniously I might add, to make an even 128 participants.

Find a bracket manager program on-line and punch in the names of all 128 of your Facebook friends, excluding your wife, 'cause that's just not fair.

Post that sh!% on Facebook to rouse everyone from their social media coma.

Start hacking friends and family from your profile for a wide variety of reasons, none of them being even remotely adequate, and some being completely inappropriate.

Disregard upset and disgruntled friends and family.

Blog about it.

Enjoy yourself.
It really is one of the more stupid things I've ever done in my life (and I've done some colossally stupid stuff) but it's embarrassingly fun.  We tried it out on one previous occasion, but with less of a streamlined process and too much work, and the whole damn thing just petered out like my athletic career.  This time the dance is going 'til well past curfew, and when the house lights come on there'll be just one person left standing.  I'm even going to throw in a prize, and if things get really out of hand, there'll be a t-shirt for the winner.

Rumble young man rumble.  It's on.


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