Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big Sister...


We had the big talk on Friday know, the one where she figures out that someone is watching, that there's a little sister learning how to do things from her big sister, and that it's a pretty big deal.  That she's gonna want to do what Zoey does, and she's gonna want to say what Zoey says. The smile on her face let me know that she got it, that she understood.  I told her that it's a big job and that we trusted her and were excited for her to help us, and the smile grew even wider.

Sisters... I imagine it's a pretty complex dynamic, and I couldn't even venture to guess the uniqueness of that connection.  I know that they outnumber me, and that as a minority in my own house it feels as though I better start recruiting allies early.  And the indoctrination begins with Zed...perhaps I can divide and conquer, you know, weaken the collective by isolating the individual?  Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can barter a kind of bi-partisanship where everyone wins, especially Dad?  Or maybe I'd better just hang on and work on being more emotionally limber?  I mean, I've got a lot of learning to do...this girl thing...I dunno what it's all about.  I barely survived the boy thing let alone venturing to harness the mysteries of another gender.  All I know is that right now, they're pretty smitten with one another, but they're also pretty smitten with Dad.  The trick will be maintaining that balance.  I'm going to play the older sister as a conduit card and hope that it works until I find a better plan.

I'm worried that I might never find a better plan.


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