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Friday, March 29, 2013

Something Clicked...


She's downstairs right now drawing pictures of owls, and the last time I checked she was practicing writing "hoot" and "Harry" over and over again on the page.  She came into our room this morning asking where her magic wand was, and asked if she could wear my striped tie.  WTH.

Something clicked.

She's been hearing her Dad talk about reading Harry Potter for a long time, and we slipped in and out of reading Harry Potter books at bedtime, but even after Halloween she was just a mild mannered, kinda-sorts fan...until this morning.  We did watch a portion of the first movie last night, and she was about a hundred questions an hour, but nothing explains her urge to pack a trunk for Hogwarts this morning.  I think we might need to take advantage of this newfound enthusiasm.

It's funny how unique all of our children are...what they fall in love with, how we influence that, what sticks, what doesn't, how their little inspirations and curiosities manifest themselves in behavior and mini-obsessions.  Every child finds their own weird things, and runs with them until, of course, they've petered out and are left abandoned by the side of the road.  The thread that seems to run through everything is Peter Pan, but it's wildly interesting to see her digging through the endless influences and coming up with a fistful of Harry Potter.

I'm officially starting the stop watch now, and we'll see how long her Hermione-ness lasts.  In the meantime...let's soak this up.  I think we might begin with a wand collection. Perhaps make some miniscule room alterations. Of course, all artwork from this point forward will most likely be Harry related.  Then there's this endless business about buying herself a new owl.  The old one is small and brown and much to Pigwidgen-esque for her liking.  Oh, he's cute and all, but Hedwig is white.

Here we go.


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