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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giving New Meaning to Pre-Game Prep...

Zoey: "Where are you going today Daddy?"

Dad: "I'm going to a lacrosse game.  I have to write a story about a guy."

Zoey: "What guy Daddy?"

Dad: (showing Zo a photo of Zach Herreweyers) "That guy.  His name is Zach."

Zoey: "What!  Zach!  Daddy, there's a Zach on Wild Kratts!"

Dad: (faking incredulous) "Really!?"

Zoey: "Yeah.  He's not very nice though.  He wears the same clothes every day, and makes robots."

Dad: "I think I'll be talking to a different Zach."

Zoey: "I hope Zo Dad.  That Zach is pretty bad."

Dad: "Well, this one's pretty good, I think."

Zoey: "Okay Daddy.  I hope you have fun then."


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