Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finally a Reason...

There are happy endings, there are, and as I approach the end of this Harry Potter obsession of late I'm quite certain that there is, even if I don't know what it is.  I'm confident that Harry and Ron and Hermione will find a sunny spot to get old together, and I'm equally heartfelt about my own life.  I'm starting to wonder if the trick might just not be finding a way to love forever, and despite anything, and it's recently struck me that J.K. Rowling has done just that.  She's created a place and people that will forever be hers, and ours, and I can't imagine a better way to live on forever, to find a happy ending even in the worst of circumstances.

I know it will end well, I just know it.  And so will all of this, I tell will all of this living, and these girls of ours, so too will go their story...happy and healthy, and never knowing an ounce of unnecessary pain.  I know it.

How had I never thought of it myself, not until now.  How I had managed to see it as something else.  Now I need to write down some stories...I think that I need to create something if only so that I have something to leave behind someday.  How brilliant and comforting is the notion that no matter when or where, regardless of what has happened, both Zoey and Maggie can always just open the pages of a book and find their father.  The notion has me emotional.  It's brilliant.  Of course it is.

Now I have a reason to do it.


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