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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Farms vs. Better Judgement

Zo and Cato - Easter Sunday 2013

It's not that I don't appreciate growing up in the country, with horses in the pasture, and a barn that typically housed more than enough chores to keep my brother and I busy, it's just that I'm a big fan of just reminding myself of those times with timely visits to my Aunt's farm.  It's a beautiful thing to see your child so geeked about the whole thing, but I occasionally have flashbacks of mucking out stalls, and getting shoved around by half-retarded standard bred mares.  Screw that nonsense, I'll just visit and leave the pitchforks to the truly dedicated.

Maggie's First Horse - Cato, Aunt Cheryl's, Easter 2013

I used to embrace the notion that maybe I could return to that life, but it was all romance and nonsense...I like New York City too much, and LA, and book stores and not needing a plow to get out of my driveway in February.  The girls though...well, the girls like that life plenty, at least until they grow up and choose otherwise.  I think your average adolescent isn't built for rural life.  There are many who are, but most, including me, just weren't made for the isolation, the pace, and the responsibilities.  It all sounds nice, but someone has to do the work.  I like sneaking away too much.

A few times each year we visit my Aunt's farm and Zoey gets her fix.  I snap a few pics, and we idealize what is typically just a lot of work.  I like this set up.


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