Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daddy Daughter Date Day

Dad Daughter Day Park Slope

Our last day in Brooklyn and everyone slipped off in separate directions in search of some quality, selfish time with their kids. Zo and I snuck off to Park Slope for breakfast and coffee, and had perfectly good intentions of heading into Manhattan but got totally sidetracked by 7th Ave toy stores. We burned through almost five hours of window shopping,toy experimenting, and snowflake catching. It was pretty glorious. Before we knew it lunch had come and gone, so we snatched up some terribly indulgent eats at Flipsters, a burger place on 7th and 9th streets. Zed wrapped her teeth around a hot dog and fries, while I tore into Wagyu Kobe beef burger that nearly made his head explode with awesomeness. Them Japanese cows sure know what they're doin'.

  Kobe Burger

The snow was gently falling, and the streets were full of Saturday families hustling and bustling about. I asked Zo if she'd had a good time back in Brooklyn, which she answered abruptly...of course she had. I asked her what her favorite part of New York was, and she responded with, "the tall buildings...and how busy it is," which was a good enough answer for anyone, let alone a four year old. I like it for those same reasons too, and Kobe burgers for lunch...and toys store in what seems like every neighorhood...and gently falling snowflakes...and Daddy Daughter date days.

BTW...that is indeed Knuffle Bunny in Zed's clutches.  He was a happy by-product of the day...a good one.


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