Monday, March 18, 2013

Back Home...

Swingin' Zoey, Carroll Park, Brooklyn, NY - March 2013
Zoey swinging with Dad's help - Carroll Park, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn - March 2013

Ever since our friends introduced us to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn two years ago, it's felt like a home away from home.  There are people we know who ask why New York? Why all the time? We say Brooklyn.  It just feels like home.  For our friends, it was home, and on this trip we dragged them back, while we returned for no less than the fourth or fifth time.  We stayed in a different neighborhood, Prospect Heights, this up and comer, with more affordable rents, a little rougher feel around the edges, and less strollers and brownstones...more row houses and ancient tenements, but just a block and a half off of Grand Army Plaza, and still just a few subway stops from Manhattan.  It was a nice shift in scenery and attitude.  Home...not quite...awesome, yup.

After eight or so days we managed to make it home, and of course, there's likely a hundred things to blog, but for now, it's bed time.  twelve hours of driving have taken their toll, and tonight I'll fall asleep back home two blocks from the lake.

The first thing that I noticed when I stepped from the car tonight was the sky...stars...everywhere stars.  That's one thing New York doesn't have.  This might not be Brooklyn, but we got stars.


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