Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Big Moments...

I know this...she's getting big...oh so big.  She registered for school last week, and not unlike every other significant moment of this parenting business, it was less overwhelming than literally everyone said.  Her first day of actual school, maybe a different story.  Registration...not such a seminal moment.

- shrug -

Almost to the moment, those things that others assured us would be heart breakers, weren't.  We rolled through them, seemingly unaffected.  Sure, other less popular moments twisted our insides, and made our hearts throb from sweetness, or cuteness, or probably a half dozen other -nesses, but not the things that people insisted would.  At one point we wondered what was wrong with us.  Why was none of this stuff slaying us?  I didn't have an answer.  I thought that maybe we were a little different, but quickly remembered, no, not likely.  I then considered the notion that perhaps we were a bit daft...that perhaps we were missing something...some giant parenting sign on the side of the road that we whirred right by on our path to well, I dunno.  Nah, probably not that either.

I dunno, we just kind of did our own thing, and in doing so most of the things that people told us to hang tight for kind of came and went without much kerfuffle.

- shrug -

The golden moments drift past us all when we're busy looking elsewhere...they sneak past as snow flakes and sunsets and early morning two girls giggling in the tub, and wide, bright eyes watching Peter Pan...and in bedtime stories, sand castles and snow angels.  There's no need to look elsewhere. The big moments are right there in your own backyard...every day...and they're getting bigger.


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