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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Roller Coaster Morning


I skipped gymnastics to score Pearl Jam tickets this morning...and then I didn't score Pearl Jam tickets this morning. The show in London, ON sold out in approx. ten minutes and I was seriously questioning the universe and my love of Pearl Jam. Then the Chicago tix went on sale...a show at Wrigley Field...are you kidding me? And I got 'em...and then I didn't...timed out by the universe it seemed. I was planning on buying a plane ticket to Africa for July just to drown my sorrows in something, when I busted through the wait line a second time and pulled the tickets I needed.

My heart was beating out of my chest.

If I'm anything it's enthusiastic, and I was SO hell bent on making these shows that my morning, hell, my winter depended on it. There's a Fall tour, unannounced as of yet, that may very well have saved my soul, but I was pretty focused on these two shows.

There are other rumors bouncing around interweb Pearl Jam at Sarnia's Bayfest for the 10th Anniversary of the festival, but that couldn't possibly be. Your favorite band on the planet couldn't possibly play your hometown could they? The rumour makes sense, the organizers are always nabbing up acts that are in the area already...and with Bayfest happening July 11-14th and the London Pearl Jam show happening that same week, and Chicago right after makes good sense, but couldn't possibly be...could it? Pearl Jam playing a short bike ride from my house? Not possible.

It was a roller coaster morning of no tix, then tix, then no tix again, and then tix. If every Saturday morning was this exciting I'd need a home defibrillator.


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