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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pre-Gymnastics Beautiful Saturday Links

We'll keep it lean and mean this morning. The sun is out. There is snow everywhere. It's @#$%ing beautiful outside. Sorry for the flippant expletive use but have you looked outside? Happy Saturday peruse this stuff or perish. I'll be busy buying Pearl Jam tickets and watching Zoey do flips.

You don't see fifteen page magazine articles every day so when you do, you red them. This one is good.

I once walked about seven or eight miles of Broadway, but all sixteen...yikes.

Not potty trained...not trying. This Twitter stream can be hilarious.

Looking back, I always worried...always sweated things...never embraced the kind of warrior attitude that many of my peers may have, or even my own brother. I had warrior moments, but they were balanced by more fearful, hesitant ones. This might explain some of it.

...aaand sometimes the world is just flat out a pretty awesome place full of pretty awesome ideas and people.


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