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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pistons... Hornets... Cheerleaders

Please, please, please let the cheerleaders come out!
Begging and pleading with the heavens for a cheer leader sighting,  & we've never taught her to pray

It cost a whole $10 each for Zo and I to sneak off to the Pistons game tonight...$10 each! So, of course, we went, and of course, we had fun...and naturally the Pistons lost, but before that happened Zoey lost her mind at the prospect of seeing more cheerleaders.  In fact, she begged baby jesus (whom she has no idea about...and I'm just making this up...well, the jesus part) to see them.  At one point she turned around and clasped her hands together and literally begged.

"Please, please, please, please let the cheerleaders come out soon. Pleeeease," she murmured.  I laughed out loud, because, you know, mocking my four year old daughter is fun for me.

Uggs, tye dye, popcorn, creepy guy in the background, & Knicks plushy at a Pistons game. She's set.

When she realized that she wasn't going to get to "hang out" with the cheerleaders, she eventually settled into a deep sense of pseudo-excitement about the actual basketball game that most of the rest of the patrons were busy kind of ignoring...all five thousand of them.  She actually paid attention, and actually followed the back and forth of the game in front of her, and actually forgot about the cheerleaders...for approximately one quarter of bad basketball while we waited for some good basketball.  Then she started jonesing for the cheerleaders again...and popcorn.  She eventually got both, but the good basketball never showed it's shameful face.

New Orleans 105...Detroit 86 in a half empty stadium with popcorn, hot dogs, Coca-Cola and cheerleaders...just not a stitch of good basketball to be found anywhere, except maybe under Robin Lopez' weird afro thingy.


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