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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keep On Rockin' in The Free World...

PJ at Wrigley!!

This is what I'll be doing on July 19th.  What will you be doing?  And there's a Fall Tour being announced someday even our Autumn is starting to take shape.

We watched PJ20 last night, in celebration of our tickets arriving...and the movie always strikes me as deeply personal...there is a time line represented across the span of the film that coincides with my growing leaving high school and starting to meander through college and life and being lost and being found and there's just no other thing, besides June, that documents those feelings better than the arc of that band.  Seeing a young Eddie makes me feel young.  Watching how Cameron Crowe puts on display the absolute chaos of putting yourself out into the world, and what happens when you give yourself over to a spinning, ever changing planet.  None of us can ever imagine what it feels like to be Jeff, Mike, Stone, Matt or Eddie, but all of us can close our eyes and wonder how crazy it is that we ever got where we are, right here and now.  If you think you've got complete control over that, you're a fool.

Pearl Jam in Wrigley Field...Tell me that I'd be clutching these tickets in 1991 and I'd laugh in your face.  Now...some ten or eleven or fourteen or whatever shows later...I'm still laughing, but mostly at my good fortune.


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