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Friday, February 8, 2013

Holy Mother of Mumford & Sons

Daddy Dinner  - Friday

First, I'm not one of those people that typically blog food photos all day long, but you'll have to forgive me this week as I metamorphasize into some kind of competent cook type guy. It's a big deal.

Tonight...Buffalo Chicken Wraps, and let me be the first to say...I just ate the best thing I've ever eaten ever on the in the cumulative history of my entire life has not seen a meal as tastey as this one. It was easy. It tasted like unicorns and rainbows might taste if they mashed them up with drunken bar dwellers on a football Sunday. It was just flat out delish and so everyone can suck it if they have issues with my photo posting (no one has, I'm just being confrontational).

Aside from last night...a gym night and so there was no time for anything other than leftovers has we hurtled out the door...I've cooked dinner every night this week, and every night it's been definitively awesome...ask June...ask Zoey. Don't bother with Mags 'cause her dinner is attached to June.

So, there you's official. I don't suck. I can actually feed my family more than just omelettes and sandwiches...I can contribute. I can stand tall and say, "I can cook," or as my boy Joey C says, "Dad's got this." Yeah he does.

So what's with the Mumford & Sons reference in the title? Well, first, they're my titles and I can name them what I want...and second, I really wanted to go the Simcoe, ON show, but was too late for tix, and can't make the Troy, OH show which frustrates the pants off of me...and lastly, I just downloaded their latest live LP, "The Road to Red Rocks" and it's full on amazeballs. Buy it or you have no soul. soul.


Blogger Aunt Netta said...

If you are going to buy Mumford & Sons tickets, you MUST let us know. They are my FAVORITE...MUST MUST MUST MUST! If you don,t, I crush your head. no joke, I crush your head. Love...Aunt Netta

February 9, 2013 at 6:09 PM  

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