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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day...and Stuff...

My wife is cool.  My daughters are awesome.  There is love wafting through the house on a daily basis.  No one sucks.  I am deeply smitten...deep, deep in smit...with everyone under this roof, so I don't really need a calendar to tell me when to do something nice for them.  Oh, I did, but I loved them just as much yesterday.

So I went to a store and I bought cards, days ago, but never got around to writing in them.  It was that ridiculous of a day, and I bought the girls some fun gifts, but never had the chance to wrap them, even though I had every intention...and I have to admit, I didn't offer much of a romantic version of Valentines Day but I wanted to.  If it's the thought that counts I was the sweetest man alive, but if we're measuring by what I actually

I want to give these girls everything, but on many occasions I barely manage anything, and if I didn't love them enough to write it down for four years I'd suspect that I suck...only I know that I don't, so take that cupid, you annoying little sh!t.


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