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Monday, February 18, 2013

Day...Wait, What Day is This?


Our house has more closely resembled the sickest wing of your local hospital of late...both the girls are sick, both are coughing machinery, seemingly running off of boogers and phlegm.  Sure, it's a cheap natural resource but it sucks junk.  Hence...there has been a break in the photo action. I mean, no one wants to see a zombie staring back through four year old eyes, or worse yet, five month old congested and teary help-me eyes.

We missed Day 7 and 8 but have rallied to score a Day 9 photo of significant cuteness...

Day 9 - Feb 17, 2013

The girls were watching Peter Pan, well, Zoey was watching Peter Pan...for the thirteenth thousand time, and Mags was pretty eager to hang out with her sister.  So...the lighting is garbage...TV lighting usually is, I suspect...but Zo's affection for her little sister has never seemed so obvious.  There was no prompting, no four thousand photographs...just this one of two sisters growing something pretty special.


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