Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 1...

Girls shadows - Feb 2013

A good friend of mine, Scotty, has been snapping pics of his feet every day for 365 days...that's right, a photo documentary, if you will, of where he was standing for an entire year.  Kind of a walk a mile in my shoes type deal.  It's a very cool project.  He's right here if you want to check him out, and he's really just a phone call away if you want a shot or two snapped.  Totally amazing amateur with a pro's eye, so he's an easy dude to hang with, no ego, no photographer attitude, just a rock solid guy, who can wield a camera as well as a blow torch.  Seriously.  Fella's got skills.  So watching Scott's feet for a year will inspire you to:

A/ Invest in better footwear.

B/ Go things.

C/ Snap more photos yourself.

We've grown quite used to pathetic Instagram efforts around here, with the occasional bit of Canon concentration tossed into the fray for an afternoon.  It used to be all kick ass camera, all the time, but two funsters will slow you down a little, so lately we've found ourselves defaulting to the iPhone...a sad replacement for the good camera, good lense combo.  I've never delved very deep into the world of photography.  I certainly appreciate it, and I'm glad we've got a passionate photographer in the house, but what kind of jackass doesn't take advantage of someone else's thousand(s) dollars worth of awesome equipment to snap a few pics now and then, maybe learn something?  An idiot, that's who.  So every once in awhile I grab June's camera and snap, snap...a little here and there, but not with much effort, and hardly ever with anything in mind.  I just see something, dig into her bag, and snap.  It's typically been a good idea, and then this morning I realized just how good of an idea it really was.  Why shouldn't I be snapping a pic...if not every day, at least once a week...and going for gold each time.  Not screwing around like what comes out of each effort doesn't matter. It does.  Twenty years from now it'll matter in a big way.


How many moments are we missing by not being aware of trying to capture them.  We've got a lot a of photos regardless. We've been very diligent parents when it came to filling our photo albums full of these years, but we could be more conscious.  There are moments that slip past and if you're not looking for shots you also just might not be paying attention when the most beautiful every day, really defining moments slip past.  I don't want to watch that happen...not anymore.  Now it's time to snap a few pics of my own.  I have before, and they've made their way here into these posts, but rarely deliberately, and never with the sense that I'd like you to see what I see.

Mom and Mags shadows w Zo

I snapped a few pics of Zo playing in the sun and shadows this morning...just quietly playing by herself, using what nature gave her to carve out some easy fun as the morning faded away.  Turns out they were alright pics...not amazing, but alright, for a guy who doesn't much see things in photographic terms.  So it struck me...I need to be stealing June's camera more often...for Daddy only inspired photos...what these girls' Dad sees, which I'm sure, is quite different from their Mom.  There's a certain light with which a father sees his daughters and I think it might be a good idea to chase capture those glimpses of the best thing I've ever done, and make sure that I've got them forever and ever, and it might be terribly cool of the rest of the world saw these girls through their father's eyes.  I'm sure you already do through this blog, and with my words but this is different...this is what I see...a visual attached to the emotional, and it's a fun idea.

Day 1 -  February 10, 2013

Zed and shadows - Feb 2013

We were waiting to go out for breakfast, a bit of a Sunday tradition that has made Zoey famous at our restaurant of choice, a popular customer with access to the entire wait staff, even the kitchen.  She wakes up eager to go, and asks until we leave.  This morning we were taking our time, and while she waited for us all to be ready, she played in the shadows drifting through the living room.  There are star lanterns hanging in the window and the shadows filtered through the sheer curtains and onto the opposite wall.  Once Zoey found them she began to play.  At one point she stood to leave, done with the sun and shadow and wall, and as I snapped picture after picture of her playing I was lucky to grab a few of her turning back to look at me before she walked away.  She looks older in this picture...not much older, but a hint at an older girl, of not woman, and it struck how much she's changed and how soon she'll be grown and mesmerizing men and boys alike.  I think she's going to be a very beautiful girl, and I think I won't be the only one to photograph her and think, "wow, what a beautiful face."  My perspective is a little bit skewed. I think every day sees a beautiful daughter, but this time we might be capable of reaching a consensus.


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