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Friday, January 25, 2013

What Fallopian Madness is This?


I believe my first words were, "what the #%€£!" June laughed. Zoey is always bringing home her art projects from school but never before have they looked so...I dunno...anatomical. Please, feel free to set me straight but I immediately saw a ninth grade sex education diagram, not an elephant. Is that something I should worry about, you know, seek professional help? It makes me feel like some old Arthur Miller type deviant when it really shouldn't, I mean, those are in fact very Fallopian-esque. Are they not?

I'm no physician like my friend Jeff, and I've never been very close to an elephant before, but...well, I'm sticking to my guns, there's some Fallopian madness going on here and it'll do me no good to try to further explain. I would however like to see tomorrow's art project.


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