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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Happiest Girl Alive...


We thought Zoey was a happy baby. She was, but not like Maggie. Maggie makes smiles look like the normal facial expression we are all born if frowns cost money. She's a smile factory, and who knows where it comes from. Who ever really knows where a baby gets their demeanor...genetics, environment, parental or sibling influence, individual situations and responses or reactions...or mostly likely a combination of them all. However it all gets knitted together, this is one happy little girl.

Maggie's Mom does the most impressive job of taking care of everything from basic needs to planting the seeds of the more abstract and complex developmental and comfort and reassurance...all of the things a Mom is supposed to manage with ease, but some don't. Many do, but it makes it no less impressive when June hits for average. If you were to apply Sabermetrics to motherhood June might be Billy Beane's #1 draft pick.

For some of you that wasn't such an obscure reference, for the others, well, I don't care.


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