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Friday, January 11, 2013

So There's This Kid I Know...

Last night, January 10, 2013, saw the much anticipated birth of Cash Abbott Wellman...the guy who throws the best cottage parties, and makes you clean up after yourself if you puke on his parents camp blankets. You don't mind though, because it's Cash's parents place, and he's got pretty cool parents. He's the kind of kid that all the girls have a secret crush on. He's got more friends than his parents can ever remember, and they've all got nicknames, like Hamzie and Beaver, and so that's what Cash's parents call them too. He likes to go fishing with his Dad, and although he never says it out loud he just doesn't want to play 'ball if Mom's not there. He's still that way in high school, so she never misses a game.

Cash is the last guy awake at the party, and the first one awake and jumping in the lake. He listens to his coaches, and tries harder than everyone. He doesn't have a single ex-girlfriend that doesn't think he's not the closest thing to perfect they ever dated, and his buddies all go to him for advice. Cash is good at advice. He tells the truth, and there isn't a single thing he keeps from his Dad, not one. He marries a nice girl. He has the same best friend from the 1st grade until he's old and ancient. He helps his Dad roof the house...twice.

At night when Cash comes home he sits at the end of his parent's bed and tells them all about his night. There's beer on his breath but he got a ride home, made it back before curfew...always, and is excited to wake his parents up. He's smart, and kind, and just the right amount of adventurous. His favorite movie is "It's a Wonderful Life" because "that George Bailey is one helluva good dude." He never misses a Christmas at home. He never fails a class. He never goes to the Emergency Room.

He's respectful of everyone, and always works...always. Sometimes he has two and three jobs. He calls if he's going to be late, and he couldn't lie to his parents if his life depended on it. His life never depends on it. He hangs out with his parents his entire life. He likes them. Why wouldn't he? Everyone does. He gets in only one fight at school ever, and although he doesn't lose, he doesn't win either, but he knows he never wants to do it again. He can talk his way into and out of any situation, and he stands up for others. Every kid in his school likes him.

Cash can sing. He can sing his ass off, but never takes it for granted, or is eager to show it off. He won't ever get on a stage in his life, but he'll make more than one girl swoon at a campfire. Oh, he's good at a campfire. That's his strike zone.

Cash is his teachers favorite student...every year. In the seventh grade he saves all of his money to buy a canoe...and then again, five years later, to buy the crappiest pick-up truck on the planet, but man he loves that pick-up truck. He brings friends on family vacations and his parents are happy to have them. He doesn't have a single bad friend, not one. People will tell you later, when he's grown up and gone away to college, that if their kids were hanging out with Cash, they weren't worried.

He cares about people. He makes a difference, every day of his life, but especially when no one's watching. The funny thing is that people are always watching...because they can't take their eyes off of him. He's that amazing.

Congratulations Dustin and could he be anything but amazing?


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