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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sleepless, coffeeless, Floriphilosophizing

The question is, get up and out of bed to clean up and sneak out for coffee before the troops rise, or don't? It's warm under these blankets, and I can hear the waves and the street coming alive...but the idea of coffee, and just the smallest, mildest mini-adventure of susssing out where to get said coffee on an unfamiliar street...well, that might be too much to ignore.

I've been up since five or so. Dunno what my problem is, although it doesn't feel like a problem. It feels more like...just kind of waking up. There are palm trees outside for #%?!s sake. Get out of bed and go look up at them. Sure it's barely 8am...and it looks chilly out there, but it's not snow and soon enough it will be. What are you waiting for? It's difficult to fight bliss, even in a muted Florida kind of's hard to buck easy banality.

What's kept me up all these early hours? The thought of not needing half of what I have...of needing more of this again...sleeping in far away places with the sounds of the people I love sighing and snoring peacefully nearby.  The idea of doing exactly what I want to be doing, and not fighting it.  The notion that I'm not yet who I want to be.  All of that stuff will keep a guy awake when he should be snoring alongside of everyone else.

Lofty thinking for a quiet vacation, but then that's what time away is supposed to do for you.  I can't even bring myself to post a New Years type diatribe on what's next, or what just was, because I'm too busy being very present in right now, and maybe that should be the modes opera do for the next 360 plus days...never mind the thinking, just focus on the living.

Okay, I gotta get up and get coffee while these three beautiful girls are still unafflicted by morning, but ask yourself this, as I go to splash some water on this sunburnt face of mine..are you everything that you want to be, doing what you want to do? If not, maybe get up and get some's a start. Then get busy living because the alternative will kill you.


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