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Thursday, January 31, 2013

She's a Bit of a Fan...

Zed - Big Fan

I'd like to say that it's because Michigan is an unbelievably fun basketball team to watch, but it's not that exactly.  She likes the cheerleaders and the dance team...she likes the crowd...she likes the pop, hot dogs and popcorn...She likes buying things in the M Den.  Mostly she just likes acting like a freak and that being 100% okay.


It's been a pretty special year so far, watching this basketball team turn into the best thing to happen in Crisler Arena in twenty years.  We used to be happy with NIT bids.  That seems crazy now.  This group of guys is something to watch, and fun, so much fun.  Alley-oops, 360s, steals, fast breaks, Mitch McGary garbage points, Stauskas long range bombs, and Trey and Glen, and Tim...just awesome.  Still, Zoey just likes the cheerleaders.

Zed - Mich-Nwestrn - Courtside

Like many parents we're hoping to plant some seeds, and nurture a love affair with these games.  We envision a time when we gather our season tickets back up, and the girls grow up here, watching this. It's important. To us now, but hopefully to them later.

Go Blue.


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