Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pete vs. Peter...

Peter Pan Shadow Cut-Out 1

Randomly...I mean, out of the blue...the notion struck me this evening...late this evening, to make some sort of Peter Pan shadow projector for Zo's room. What? Yeah, that's what I thought...what the hell are you thinkin'...but then it started to seem like a pretty simple idea...and then once I was convinced that we could slap it all together in less than an hour or so...done. Zoey had herself a Peter Pan shadow on her wall.

Peter Pan Shadow Cut-Out 2

It was pretty simple...sketch out a Peter Pan silhouette on paper, cut it out, trace it on some thin cardboard...cut that out. Draw up a decent facsimile of Big Ben, cut that out...patch 'em together. Ready to project.

Get yourself a light, a box, and start fiddling with whatever set up works for you. Done. Coolest thing ever.


Of course, it's dark as a closet in Zoey's bedroom with the lights off, and even with the light from our amazing little pre-bed craftiness there wasn't enough to get a decent picture of the shadow on the wall but rest assured, it was amazing...more than amazing. Zo was a giddy disaster as she laid down to sleep, SO, SO, SO excited, enough to flip herself onto my lap and smack a giant kiss on my lips, and squeal, "Oh Daddy, I love it SO much!" Yeah she did, 'cause it was awesome.

I missed the end of the Seahawks game slapping this fabulous little Daddy-is-a-hero bit of craftiness together, and my guess is that I'm the only Dad in a decent sized radius tackling such shenanigans instead of watching the NFL Play-Offs, but to hell with the Seahawks, and to hell with other Dads. There's a little girl sleeping under Big Ben right now, smiling, and dreaming incredible dreams, I'm certain.

Pete Carroll vs. Peter Pan...Peter Pan wins every time.


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