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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kindness Before Breakfast...

Coop Keith

In an effort to live more consciously I've decided to take every Saturday morning, before gymnastics, before my feet even hit the floor, and think about others...then take all that sickening thoughtfulness and write it

Why? Because it's good for me. Also, because no one ever says nice things about other people, at least no one ever hears other people say nice things about themselves, and it's so damn easy. So I've decided that all those mamby pamby feelings shouldn't be left unsaid...they should at least find some fresh air, so why not dump them all out right here?

Why not, indeed.

Here goes...

I bet every week I tell a kid about the two best men I know...about Andrew and Keith. It usually comes up when we're talking about friends, but I've been known to throw them down on the table in the middle of a conversation on boyfriends, on career and purpose, or when someone's really struggled with defining themselves...I pull the Coop and Keith card on a regular basis. This is what I say.

Everyone needs friends like Andrew and Keith...everyone. Not necessarily because they're really good at being friends, although they know, that whole low maintenance, time can pass and they're still amazing, no pressure, easy to find, kind of way...but because they're the most genuine people I know...well, some of the most genuine people that I know. There are others...but I can't compliment the entire world on one Saturday can I? No. As far as guys go, and for some reason I feel awful making that kind of generalized broad swath of a statement but it's too often the truth, most men aren't that accessible, that sincere, that open and honest, or even close to that caring and considerate. So few are. Again, there are others, plenty of others, D-Funk, Birdie, Luke, Ian...a pile of others, but can I just swoon over these two dudes right now? Thanks.

Both have given their lives over to helping other people...Keith a nurse, and Coop a Behavioural Therapist working with autistic children...and both have found beautiful, wonderful women to compliment their already amazingness. They watch baseball and hockey, and drink beer, and say and do stupid things, and then on Monday they're back to being the saviour in some desperate family's day, and the opposing forces of regular and impressive are the most incredible combination I've ever known. They stumle on their own humility, and bask, completely unaware, in the brightness of their being, but not as some brilliant point of light on a dark background, but rather as just blue skies and sunshine in our everydays. Beautiful days aren't that uncommon, they happen all the time, but that's no reason to take them for granted. You know when you wake up into one that it's special...these guys are special.

I imagine their wives blown away by their luck. How attractive is a man that can manage what those two do? Very, I'd suspect. Bearded, inappropriately dressed, gently used up from a day of sweating and caring, and still, well beyond perfect because they're the kind of people that make you proud to know them. They'd do anything for me if I only just asked, and I the same, and if you don't have a Keith or a Coop in your life then it the lesser for it. They're how I measure men, and to be honest, not many others stand up. They humble me and I love them.

You are going to be told your whole life not to idealize people, that's it's unhealthy, or illusional, or some other such nonsense. I'm going to tell you that they're full of sh!t. Some people are every bit their billing, and without those idealistic thoughts, where do go for that kind of mere mortal inspiration that we so desperately need? Nowhere. That well is too often dry. Idealize those who deserve it.

There, that was easy.


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