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Monday, January 28, 2013

Four Girls...One Boy...and the Bowling World Turned Upside Down

Zoey's 4th Birthday (IMG_6536)

Zoey went bowling for her birthday, and she brought four friends...the four kids that she either sees the most, or talks about the most. There's Blaire, one of my absolute favorites, who lives down the street and oozes embarrassing amounts of cuteness... and Ferah, who she goes to library school with, and whose Mom, Christine, was a student midwife, and maybe one of the first faces Zoey ever saw on the night that she was born. Ferah is equal to Zoey in precociousness and audacity, thank God, and they're BFFs because of it...and there's Jai, born Kiwi, but back in Canada now, with the cutest little accent you ever heard, and the most chill attitude of any kid ever...and lastly, Maive, the quietest/cutest little best behaved gymnastics friend on the planet...and turns out a wicked bowler.

They wore tie-dye...they bowled, they ran around and screamed and yelled, and danced, oh, there was plenty of dancing, and then ate hardly a thing before consuming half the bowling alley with their post-present-opening playing and re-visited, re-charged dancing. Everyone was so great. Zed has got herself some really good little friends so far, with very cool parents, and a post-toddler-esque overflow of manners and confidence and sweetness. She's a lucky little girl. Of course, we're awfully lucky too...would you look at those tie-dyes! Can five kids look any cuter, well, except Blaire, who is...I don't know what Blaire's doing...probably being upset still that the shoes look ugly, hardly fashionable at all, and that they speeled her name wrong on the scoreboard...Blaine. Whatever, Blaine was cute as hell.


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