Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daddy Likes Sharks...

IMG_6400 When we were in Hawaii I skipped an opportunity to go on a shark trip, to take a dive in a shark cage. What was I thinking? I can't believe that I shrugged that opportunity off. I love sharks. Oh, they freak me out, but that's kinda why I love them. So when we were at the Newport Aquarium, and they said that we could touch a shark...albeit, a little shark...I took it. Zo was a little irked that she couldn't reach the water, and I wasn't about to hang her over the tank, nor was she willing to drench herself leaning on the ledge. She quietly resigned herself to watching Dad touch sharks, and was quick to assert that I was "pretty brave," to stick my hands in there. Not so much, but it felt good to be a rock star in front of your daughter. IMG_6397 Zo's never shirked away from any chance to touch any living thing, and it was quite the bummer for her to not be able to go to school and tell everyone that she touched a shark. She handled it like a champ, but you could tell that she was dying to do it. She's bold, and adventurous, and absolutely mesmerizing to watch in these settings. She's interested, and curious beyond belief, and hard to keep up with. We've gone and labeled 2013, zoo-thousand-and-thirteen, as we fully intend to crank off as many zoo's and aquariums as we can. Maybe we can find another chance to pet a shark? If Daddy and daughter ever get a chance to tackle that shark cage together someday, book it.


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