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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When "Leaving" Turns into "Waiting"...

All of Ohio and half of Michigan is under a blizzard warning.  We're not going anywhere today.  I could use a little perspective because I'm just not handling the news very well.  How 'bout some photos?

Zoey had herself a little Domo for protection back when she was an infant...a Kansas City Domo, to be specific, that we named Rarrrr.  Now Maggie gets her own Domo, a book store buy that is yet nameless.

Zoey is thus far infatuated with her little sister.  She's eager to see her...eager to talk to her, and kiss her...eager to play with her.  Christmas morning was no different.  Despite the distraction of dozens of present under the tree Zo could still find time to check in on her sister, and steer her through her first Christmas on the planet.

Mags first Christmas and she was into it a little more than we might have imagined.  She was paying attention.  She latched onto a few of the gifts that we bought for her.  She looked cute as hell, which was mostly her job on this first Christmas.

Santa left Zo a bell, and with memories of "The Polar Express" still fresh in her mind, she freaked. With memories of "The Grinch..." our hearts swelled three sizes that day.

The happiest girl alive, trumping even her sister.  Mags only manages to repress a smile if she's got a burp in her throat, a load in her pants, or eyes full of sleep...other than that...smiles, all day.


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