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Friday, December 28, 2012

Update From America's Weiner

After a hellacious snowstorm that derailed almost all of our plans, and a back bending test of will and desperation on Thursday morning, shovelling two and three foot drifts out of our 30 foot driveway just to get free of our snowy tomb, we finally left for Florida.  The original plan was to drive to Atlanta, stay overnight, visit the Aquarium, and knock off a few more miles on Friday afternoon or evening. Instead we drove straight through...and now I am knackered for all business save sleeping, feeling nauseous, and being a bit wobbly on my feet. I didn't know that it was possible to get sea sick from driving, but I did.

So we're hunkered down in a crappy hotel, waiting to hear from Uncle B and Aunt Header, Reece, Ave, and Beezer, and considering upgrading to beachfront digs...gotta make that marathon drive worth it...and hoping to shake these cobwebs ASAP.

Dunno why we did this, other than blue skies and warm weather. We had no expectations of Florida, and will surely regret not going to Quebec City, but Daddy was in severe need of sand between his toes, and mindless sunshine. Mission accomplished.


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