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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Salt Dough & Apathy

Making Salt Dough Ornaments

Making your own salt dough Christmas ornaments is clearly an activity embraced by:

A/ Super creative people

B/ Really Sickening, overly Christmasy people

C/ People who don't want to buy real ornaments

D/ Bored Dads

I thought Zoey would want to help, and she did, for about four minutes.  The rest was up to me.

Dad and Daughter Ornament Making

It's an easy deal...4 cups of all-purpose flour...1 cup of table salt...and a cup and a half of water.  Mix it up, roll it out...cut in shapes...bake at 325 degrees...done.  Easy peasy.  Even half-creative Dads can manage it.  The only hard part is keeping your child engaged throughout the whole process, especially when there's an Uncle Ian and a Meredith available to play with in the next room.  That's tough competition for any oven.

Baking Christmas Ornaments 

We made a humble batch of stars and christmas trees and hearts, even some letter Z's, but the cool stuff happened shortly after Zed resigned her commission as baker assistant and left for good.  

We kind of stumbled into Zoey's hand design, but we're over the moon with the accident.  Of course, Maggie is too small to manage the same this year, but now we can officially start a collection of Christmas hand ornaments.  We'll make them every year.  We'll crowd our tree with our growing daughters hands, and we'll weep with the sweetness of it some eighteen years from now.  What a simple idea turned absolutely brilliant by a bored Dad on a quiet Sunday.  

I think we'll most definitely be baking some more...and I think we'd like to collect some from friends.  Anyone up for an ornament exchange?  What a nice collection..all your friends kids contributing to your tree.  Wait, you could even make a salt dough wreath out of hand prints!  Whoa...just how boring was this Sunday?  Wow. 


Blogger Beth said...

I made salt dough ornaments with my class last year and loved it. I even did Avery's tiny little handprint!

December 16, 2012 at 9:48 PM  

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