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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday, Pre-Gymnastics Links

Waking up to these cheeks is the best thing since fingers.

Back to sleep after a 2hr nap with me!

In the words of my good friend Aimee, "my head just asploded!"  Look at this!

It's not Mother's Day but still...for you. All of you.

Now this awesome old lady gets it.  I guess she isn't that old after all.

Guilty admission...I kind of have a crush on the Flickr camera girl.  Further guilty admission...she kind of reminds me of my wife.

It's cool and all, but the magic from the first few books is kinda gone.  I want it back.

Read this essay.  I try to think of the work that I do in these same terms...only the end result isn't a design, it's a relationship, or a conversation, or help, or access.  

These things are awesome.  We were playing with them at the Patagonia store in Soho and I wanted to steal them.  I guess I'll just buy some lie a good consumer.

I dunno about you but I'm gonna start my day with this.


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