Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Looking back...

I remember sitting on the beach in Capitola, CA and thinking to myself, "Man, I'd better do something with this life." It was pre-sunset, and before the dozen or so Sierra Nevada Pale Ale's would alter my perspectives significantly...before I zipped up my sleeping bag and fell asleep with the sound of the Pacific Ocean reminding me that yes, I would. I most certainly would. Now, a long way from that beach, with the sound of sleeping daughters occasionally punctuating the air, I'm certain I have. Do you ever think about it? Do you ever wonder if how you've spent your days has been the best that you could muster? Sometimes I wonder how things might have been had I taken this opportunity, or walked away from that one...had I turned left and not right, but when the film fills the can at the end of my story I feel pretty strongly that I did things as close to the best that I could. I'm no adventurer, and I'm not all that ambitious. I've been a better friend at times and a worse one at others, but I've played my own game, and didn't get thrown into someone else's tempo or pace...I didn't fall flat into someone else's agenda, and didn't get lulled into paralysis by the things that I'm not and never will be. In the end I hope that I can say I that had an idea on a beach just south of Santa Cruz, and tried it on for size...and what d'ya know. It fit. As another year slips sleepily to a close, don't catch yourself reminiscing and regretting...get up and do something with your life. I suggest that you start by drinking a dozen Sierra Nevadas and zipping that sleeping bag up tight. THe sound of the Pacific Ocean wouldn't hurt either. Of course, you do it your way and I'll do it mine.


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