Sunday, December 16, 2012

J.M. Barrie and

Peter Pan book

Each night has found either June or myself reading chapters from J.M. Barrie's original version of Peter Pan, and it's just about the most fun a person can have with paper, ink and a nightlight...a properly placed accent helps too.  Tonight, in the opening paragraph of Chapter 5, Barrie chucks out the word "pluperfect
" as though a swooning, humble twenty-first century fan might just grasp it as quickly as any common noun.  Surely nineteenth century readers had a better grasp on what are now the more obscure words in the English language but even still...pluperfect?  Brilliant.  My heart fluttered as Zoey began to snore, and I read another ten minutes despite her soft sleeping sighs.  Pluperfect. Awesome.
In the half darkness of Zoey's crowded room (a toy cleansing is in order this week) I closed the book, and lingered.  Lucky.  In love, and nearly incapable of imagining how I ever got here.  Before her I was a man who had thought he knew something about love and commitment...about sacrifice and giving.  Bam...pluperfect.  I was wrong.

Here, on the very edge of another Christmas, this one dawning on a house full of four beating hearts rather than three, or even two, I'm reminded by the most mundane, and random of things, as to just how blessed I am.  Beyond blessed.  In the strictest latin plus quam perfectum, my life is past much more than perfect.  I enjoyed a birthday that passed with my most favorite of people.  I've spent two days in receipt of the kindest and most thought provoking sentiments following a rant that I only intended to quiet the awful noise.  I've slept warmly beside a girl I found friendship with first, then family.  I gently worked my way through a weekend of rest and muted excitement...just nine more days 'til Christmas and you can fell the soft thrill.  I have a job and an all-consuming purpose within it.  I am alive and still capable of incomprehensible passion and curiosity.  I laugh loudly, too loudly, and have earned and shaped a common sense that just ten years ago I might have thought impossible...tempered, thankfully, with a near ridiculous, often times obscenely unfettered sense of humor.  Everything is funny...or nearly everything.  I am comfortable and not yet fat.  My daughters smile at me, and my mind is still capable of outrageous adventure.

Plus quam perfectum...more than perfect.  Pluperfect.


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