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Saturday, December 29, 2012

It Ain't Orange County but...


So far the prevailing sentiment is, "so, California kicks this place's ass," which is no way to start a vacation, but then neither is staying awake for 32 hours, or catching a cold, or having to shovel your way out of your driveway to even get here. None of those options sound like the proper way to start off a holiday, but you manage.

We've bounced from one crappy hotel, to an okay condo, to what looks to be a great condo, thanks to our super Cooper BFF, Heather, back home, who hooked us up, and the temps have been cool, but the sun is out and there isn't an ounce of snow to be found, so, good enough.

Fr the life of us we can't understand why people love it here. We can easily see why people like it, but love it, nope. It's striking us that our style is remarkably less tourist, and significantly more laid back and significantly more laid back and local...we've both been talking San Clemente, and it's just not fair to compare that to this...but we do.

So far Zed has been her usual traveling self...amazing, and Mags has been good, if not a little inconsistent with her sleep and demeanour...happy nonetheless, and easy peasy. We're so spoiled you should punch us right in the face. 

So...cold weather tomorrow, which means indoor goodness...maybe the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa...maybe some shopping...maybe some fleece buying and coffee slurping. Throw in a lacrosse game, and maybe some book store lingering...decent day.

Did I mention that this ain't Orange County?


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