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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If It Wasn't For Bad Luck...

Weather Map

The idea was to drive away from grey skies and find some blue.  We weren't looking for tropical breezes, just blue skies and warmer weather...that's it.  We were going to drive. "Keep it simple," we thought.

Mother suck.  Now we're snowed in and by the looks of Facebook and text messages nearly everyone we know is enjoying family and friends, or sunshine...and we're eating craft dinner and  watching the Weather Channel.

Normally we'd be stoked for snow...but not when all you want to do is drive away.  It's going to be a restless night, and no one in this house wants to get anywhere near me.  I'm a bit of a bear right now...unhappy beyond measure with this sucky turn of events.  We couldn't have managed NYC, or Quebec and Ottawa. We certainly can't manage south.  I'd give just about anything to have a different, unique place to wake up and parent and spend a few days living a life that is nothing like the one that's waiting for me in a little over a week.

Collective finger crossing please.  I need this, in a way where there aren't enough letter e's on the planet to insert between the n and d.


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