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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fixing the World in Six Simple Steps

In the can't sleep cause my knee and ankle hurt darkness of the early morning, I fixed the planet.  You can thank me later...maybe a Christmas present or something simple...a back scratch perhaps.  Or how 'bout just a wicked smile and really kind words whenever I see you?  Deal?

Here are my six fool proof remedies for mending a broken planet.  Adopt these notions and then grab a beer and a comfy chair to watch your world change...and here's the trick, there are billions of us on the planet so we fix the planet by fixing ourselves. Whoa...stunner, right?  Quick, someone tell our governments.  It starts with people.

1. Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your actions do.

2. Fixing things -- education, environment, economy - doesn't mean stopping dead in our tracks at the edge of the cliff, and it doesn't mean we can't move forward. It means spinning around on our heals 180 degrees and taking another step forward, just in a different direction.  That's it. That's all.

3. We're all the same, every single one of us.  Get horrific poo cramps in a car thirty minutes from the nearest toilet.  See, we're all the same.  Barack Obama shits his pants the same way that you do. That's a hot mess of inspiring don't you think?

4. We are all -- were and still are -- blank pages being painted by what's around us. Nothing just happens without a catalyst. Nothing.  We are what we learn.  We can't be anything else.

5. Think of impact and others, always.

6. Make a positive impact, some how, some way... through addition, or by subtraction, with influence, or action...don't just take up space and use resources.  Contribute.

There you go.  Now I need a new ice pack and some Advil.


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