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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, Here and Gone...

IMG_5941 --- An excited and emotional Christmas morning Zed hugs her happy Dad before she tackles the tree.

There are probably dozens of superlatives that I could chuck out that might best describe the past 48 hours but for some reason I can't begin to muster them. It's late, perhaps that's it? All I really know is that aside from the absence of siblings, and the short amount of time around grandparents, this was a merry little Christmas...Maggie's first.

From now on our troubles will be out of sight...that's what the song says, and this year I believe it. Here I am barely out of the shadow of Christmas and I still can't find the words. I'll just say this. I've never drifted away on love in all of my life and these days it feels as though I might never touch the ground again.

So as I drift upwards and away I'll just say Merry Christmas, and hope that yours was as inspiring as mine. We're leaving early in the will be a long overdue vacation...and a much needed rest...but we'll post photos and we'll blog as much as might be tolerable. It's amazing that you don't get sick of us.

Much, much much that my heart aches just to think about how much you make our lives infinitely more livable.

Merry Christmas was a good one.


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