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Monday, December 24, 2012

Bedtime's Never Been So Interesting

Bath x 4

It starts with bath time...usually just Zo, but on occasion Maggles too.  When they're both thoroughly drenched in unbearable cuteness, the bedtime clock starts ticking. It usually goes like this lately...

June goes through one door, and I go through another.  Divide and conquer, we say, and it seems to work well...although better for Dad.  I can knock Zo out in fifteen's a simple of recipe of affection and quiet attention, a chapter book she can close her eyes and imagine to, and a hand on her side, or her hip, or back...a presence, I guess.  A deeper voice probably doesn't hurt me none either.  June, on the other hand, usually falls asleep entertaining a much more simple but exhausting process.  The end result is I emerge first, awake and eager for some quiet.  Then June stumbles out bleary eyed and dreary about an hour later.

How can something so remarkably cute as these two girls scrub-a-dub-dubbing lead to such controlled chaos?  Bedtime with come no one told us about bedtime with two?


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