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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Today Will Look Like This...

Saturday Clothes

Today will look like this. I will be comfy, and I will be chilled out beyond any normal sense, and I will watch high school football, and then college football, and I will eat good food, and I will be filled with Mucho Aloha...filled. Somehow I've gotten into the habit of window shopping from my couch, and I seriously dig it. I find the things I want, I cut and paste, and then I occasionally reward myself with the end results. See, here's the thing, and you can tell your husbands should dress themselves, and they should like to dress themselves. It feels good, and it will make you happy, and odds are, with a little help, perhaps, you'll look somewhat different than what you do now, and that will very likely make someone say, "hey, that guy looks nice," or "hey, that guy looks cool,"and then you are. So you should do it. Does your wife or girlfriend buy your clothes? Do you buy your boyfriend or husband's clothes? Yeah, that needs to change. Even men that hate shopping, should probably hate feeling uncomfortable and looking ridiculous more. It doesn't have to be all stylish and super time consuming and costly, but I can guarantee that you have a certain idea about how you should look, and what you like to look like, about the image that you exude, whether that's banker or tradesman, and so you should tackle the task of being that all by yourself. Don't have the time? Don't care? Okay, but that's how you go from cool dude to sandals and socks? That's how hawaiian shirts proliferate unabated. Imagine no spouse, and a pocket full of money, and the inclination to wear whatever you want because, well, you can. Now just do that all the time. Today I'm wearing this, and it feels good to know that I picked it, and that I bought it, and that I like it. I don't really care about much else. June's got good taste, but she doesn't have my taste, and anything I have covering up my jibblies and bits had better be something that I chose. Just sayin'


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