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Monday, November 26, 2012

This Pose We Call "The Cocky Girl"

Ikea play area Zo

A few weeks ago Zoey took her first run at the Ikea playground.  She's been tall enough for awhile, but we just never got around to setting her loose on those wonderful but unsuspecting Children Custodial Engineers at the Ikea playground.  When we finally did she got a little cocky.

"Daddy," she urged, "can you take my picture so we can send it to Elle?"

Elle, in case you don't recall, or have never been here before, is Zed's Brooklyn friend who has always been, well...a little vertically challenged, at least in relation to Zo, but then there's that whole glaring fact that what other three year olds aren't vertically challenged in relation to Zo?

I wish Elle and her rents lived closer because those two little chiquitas are the most ridiculous buddies on planet earth.


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